Perinatus Foundation for the mental-physical health of childbirth

By today, scientific research analyzing the circumstances of childbirth has proven that events occurring in the period directly preceding and succeeding birth have crucial effects on human life. Amongst other things, these influence the ability to make connections and adapt to changes, mental growth or even general state of health. As a consequence, the possibility of psychological traumas influencing various aspects of society such as receding demographic indicators or decreasing quality of life may arise.

Childbirth is the first real separation and substantial change in one’s life and as such, it is a significant event from both physical and psychological aspects. It does actually matter how those present approach and handle the newborn, whether the infant’s psychological needs are acknowledged beyond mere physical needs. In absence of this sensitive type of attendance, the baby may develop multiple psychological traumas that may necessitate subsequent professional treatment.

For the appropriate care of newborn babies experiencing a very sensitive moment of their lives, pre- and perinatal psychology should be integrated into the obstetric practice. This requires the introduction of a new approach to pedagogical and pediatric practices to enable experts to recognize the birth-related problems that children may face growing up and refer them to the competent professionals ready to handle these issues.

Making scientific results and methods that help identify and heal their own birth trauma available for adults also proves essential.

Furthermore, it is important to reevaluate the role of the mother and father in childbirth, supporting the development of a new quality in the parent-child relationship and the parental responsibilities. That is why one of Perinatus’s focuses falls on granting parents expecting their child the opportunity to prepare for their roles both mentally and psychologically.

Our mission lies in the scientific research of the psychological aspects of birth, as well as developing and applying psychotherapeutic methods in preventing and healing birth-related psychological traumas. Perinatus Foundation works to promote a major shift in society’s attitude that is necessary to implement this new knowledge.

To achieve these objectives, our Foundation supports the psychological research of birth trauma, the development and introduction of new preventive and healing procedures, and promotes the publication, education and informative spread of this new knowledge, attitude and methods discovered by the research on the level of the whole society..