Perinatus Foundation was established by the psychologists, mental health counselors and other professionals who, together with Katalin Orosz as their professional leader, are committed to researching intrauterine life, pregnancy and birth together with their psychological effects. After several years of research and preparation, the Foundation launched its public activities at the beginning of 2010 in order to contribute to improving the circumstances of pregnancy, birth and labor as well as helping individuals deal with their birth experience psychologically with its research results, a wide range of supporting services and psychotherapy.

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If you are interested in finding out more about relevant theoretical backgrounds, please visit the website of the Primal Health Research Institute led by Michel Odent:

Available database:

Michel Odent and Frederic Leboyer are great pioneers who developed a new concept of birth. You can read various books about this topic, including:

Leboyer: Birth without Violence

Odent: Scientification of Love

To read more about Odent’s current activities, please visit:

An important article on pre- and perinatal research published in TIME Magazine:,9171,2021065,00.html